Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween in Hongdae

I celebrated Halloween in Hongdae...an area in Seoul filled with University students and foreigners.  I spent the day looking for better facepaint but all the supposed costume shops were closed...the Saturday night before Halloween...clearly shows that Halloween is not popular in Korea.  I made due with the makeup I had and turned out to be a hit.  Koreans all over the place were taking photos with me.  I was a celebrity.  Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of my admirers...the photo above is of a new Korean friend.

Getting ready on the train...proved to be a difficult task...I had nail polish all over my fingers.
Me and Tina eating some Burger King before the big Halloween Party!
I absolutely loved this costume of Frida Kahlo.
There was some drumming and breakdancing in the street.

 I thought more foreigners would have dressed up than did...but there were a few really good ones.
An AMERICAN Bald Eagle
 This guy kept walking around giving everyone candy...he was so funny!
 My new Korean friends.  He kept trying to give my other friends directions to the park to meet us.
 ...and more directions...
 This guy had his own bar going on at the bar...selling mixed drinks...definatly wouldn't happen at home!
 ...and a guy came over to do magic tricks...you never know what's gonna happen next in Korea!
 ...still giving directions...
 On the subway ride home I noticed this man and woman have matching Louis Vuitton purses...only would this happen in Korea...the men love their "bags" almost as much as the women.
 The majority of party goers riding the 7 a.m. subway home...I loved the girl all wrapped up in her scarf!
 These photos got out of order.  But anyway...this costume may be hard to understand unless you teach in Korea...it is FAN DEATH.  It is a poor picture, but I hope you can see it.  Koreans believe that you can die by suffocation from a fan.  So all fans in Korea have a timer on them...in case you happen to fall asleep with one on...you wouldn't want to die!

I hope everyone back home had a great Halloween!!

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