Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jeju Island: Not your average ferry...

Since the day I signed up for the trip...I was dreading the 13 hour ferry ride home.  There were absolutely no plane tickets left and this was really my only option if I wanted to see Jeju-do while it was still warm.  It turned out to be a really good experience.  The ferry was pretty large and included a convenience store and restaurant.

Our sleeping area consisted of a large room with a t.v. and a few tiny square pillows and blankets.  There were 40 of us that had to cram in this room; however, some people slept out on the deck and some stayed up partying...so it worked out pretty well.

We had some dinner at the "RESTRAUNT."
The other ferry was a little nicer because it had a couple of restaurants where you could chose what you wanted.  This ferry only had one meal...it's a classic Korean meal that you would see served as a school lunch.  Pork Cutlet (no sauce for me please!), kimchi, rice, bean sprout salad, and kimchi chiggae (soup).  I believe there were a few other options, but it wasn't food I eat--can't remember what it was.
Most Koreans bring their own food.  This group is enjoying some raw fish and soju (rice liquor).  This is classic Korean-style by laying down the shiny silver mat for sitting and some newspaper for your food.  This group woke me up in the morning by their cheering for some soccer game.
The best part of the ferry ride was when an announcement came on the loudspeaker that there would be fireworks out on the deck.  First, it started with some chanting, cheering, and singing...
This guy was leading the entertainment in his shades...
Soon the fireworks began and they were REALLY good!  All fireworks displays I've seen in Korea have been outstanding...best I've seen.  I signed up to go to Busan this weekend...which I'm excited for; however, I just found out the Seoul International Fireworks Festival is happening on Saturday...I'm sad to miss it!!
The crowd was in awe...

After the fireworks, the dance party began!!  It was great!!
Everyone loved the conga line...young and old:)  It was started my some of the people in our group...they were surprised to see EVERYONE joined in:)
This couple tried to take our photo with my friend's camera...they couldn't figure it out...it was hilarious...so I took a photo of them trying to figure it out.
We were so sad when the music stopped.  We went inside and the live 80's band had just begun...ABBA!  WOO HOO!  Really...can this ferry get any better?
Shortly after, I headed to our room and fell asleep.  When I woke up we were almost to Incheon.  It was a great way to end a great trip with a really great group of people.

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