Friday, September 3, 2010

More Eastern Medicine...

While I spent all last month blogging about China, I almost missed the opportunity to tell you about my underground Eastern medicine I participated in when I got back.  One of the amazing teachers I work with, Dany, brought her cupping kit to work and we did it in an empty classroom:)  Cupping is one of Eastern medicine's most ancient practices dating back to the 4th century.

Traditionally, Eastern doctors would warm a hallowed-out animal horn with heat and alcohol.  These two   substances create a vacuum when the cup or horn is placed on the back.  Now, they just put a glass cup on your back and suction the air out.  It hurts, but not terribly.

The main idea behind cupping is to improve blood flow.  This is hard to put into words...but Eastern medicine believes that our energy--our chi--is constantly flowing throughout our body.  If we have an area where our chi cannot flow, many other things may happen to our body as well.  For example, when I went to the Eastern doctor about my migraines, he said I must first fix my allergies because he saw that as the root of my migraines and any other issues, because my allergies are prohibiting my chi to flow.  Make sense?  By improving our blood flow, we can solve other problems.  Cupping is also supposed to take out the toxins in my body via urination.

I wish I would have taken pics during the process...that is the interesting part.  Here are the marks it left behind.

The marks only last about 4 days.  They went from red to bruise brown.  They were slightly raised for a while.  My back felt bumpy.  If you want to see what it looks like during the process, just google "cupping."  It's hard to tell if it really worked because I only did it the one time.  My co-workers swear by it...and I believe them.
I am truly blessed to have such amazing teachers at my school.  It may sound silly that I am saying this after my teacher bruised my back...but I may never have had this opportunity if she hadn't insisted I try it.  So many of my friends work with teachers that don't really take any time to even talk to the foreign teacher.  In Chile, I had a great host Korea, I have a great host teachers:)

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