Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shanghai: The Bund

Well...I guess that pretty much wraps up Beijing.  There were so many more things I wanted to do in Beijing but with the high humidity, high temperatures, and lack of time...I wasn't able to get everything done.  My next stop was Shanghai where I immediately got a one hour body massage, one hour foot massage, and a pedicure:)  It was so cheap!  If I lived in China, I'd probably get a massage every week.

Beijing and Shanghai are much different cities.  Beijing has so much history and tradition where Shanghai reminds me of a "new China."  It is the most expensive city in China and is full of amazing architecture and westernization.  I absolutely loved taking taxi rides across the city so I could stare at the buildings as we drove.  I've never been one to enjoy this sort of architecture, there was just something it in Shanghai that amazed me.  It also could be that South Korea really, REALLY lacks beautiful and/or interesting architecture and I haven't seen anything but tall, white apartment buildings that all look the same for months.  In Beijing, I was told that if I had been there 10 years ago-I would have seen a perfectly flat city with no high-rise buildings. 

My hotel was in a great location, called The Bund.  Here is a collection of photos near my hotel. 

Finally a clear day.  I took this photo my last day in Shanghai.  Every other day the sky was full of so much smog!  This was photo was taken of Pudong from across the river at The Bund.
Can you see the difference?
The Bund.
Peace Hotel.  My hotel was directly behind this building.  It is an iconic building in the city.  If, at any time, the taxi driver wasn't sure of the location of my hotel...I could just tell him to take me here.
Very few night photos turned out.  For my birthday, I want to buy myself a camera that takes good night photos.
Shanghai was sooo busy!  So many people everywhere!  I was told this before I went...but I figured it wouldn't be much different than Seoul or Beijing...but it was so much more busy!
Different days, different times, so many people!  And no, it wasn't raining.  Asians love to block the sun with a million umbrellas.
Do you see the sidewalk?
You can find Chairman Mao Zedong all over China--ok, well I know Beijing and Shanghai for sure.  Here is a statue of Mao and it looks as if he is looking at the Pearl Tower.
It was hard to get a photo with Mao because everyone wanted a photo with him.

I'm sure you've heard that bicycles are a common form of transportation in China.  This street was right outside my hotel...pretty typical area to park your bike.
Typical "no cars" street.  You can see the sign in the background.

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