Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eastern Medicine

I have wanted to try acupuncture since the moment I came to Korea. Since 8th grade I have suffered from horrible migraines and the past few years I have had a really hard time with my sinuses/allergies. I read acupuncture was great for these things. The best part is that my health insurance in Korea covers acupuncture. I had been putting it off until I got my insurance and could get someone to go with me the first time to translate.

One morning, I woke up with a little back pain. I went on with my day with no problem until it was time to go to bed. I couldn't even lay down in bed without hurt so bad! So after 2 hours of sleep, I went into work and one of my teachers looked up where I could go. Originally I wanted to see a chiropractor because it felt as if I had knocked a rib out of place and it was pressing against my lungs; therefore, making it hard to breathe. Chiropractors aren't very common in Korea...for these issues, Koreans go to a traditional hospital...or as my teachers call it, Chinese medicine.

They took some x-rays because they thought it may be a broken rib. When that wasn't the case, they thought it may be a slipped disk, but they needed an MRI for that. So I opted to try acupuncture and return to the hospital if the pain didn't go away. They put a few needles in my back and hooked it up to electricity. It felt nice once the electricity sort of warmed/relaxed my body. Once it was done I was given A LOT of natural medicines and a pad on my back.

I woke up the next morning with nearly 0% pain! I couldn't believe it! I felt a little sore, but other than that...I felt great. That morning, I tried my medicine. Once my supervisor saw me getting ready for the medicine...she grabbed some chocolate. Usually I don't mind the taste of medicine...I actually think Pepto Bismal tastes good. I took one swig of the medicine and began gagging. It was horrible. My supervisor had to coach me through it like I was a child. Once I got it all down she shoved the chocolate in my mouth as I am gagging from the medicine. That evening I went to take the medicine again. This time I was prepared with a snickers bar and plenty of water. Once I got it all down, my body reacted immediately, before I even knew medicine was vomited out into my water glass. I NEVER will take it again. I know it is great for your body, and people from all over the world come to Korea for it, body will stick to the acupuncture and Western pills.
This pretty much tasted like I was drinking blood...
Many pills...
Everything together...medicine and back patch

I will say again though, the acupuncture was amazing.  I will definately do it again and again!

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