Friday, May 14, 2010

Children's Day/Cinco de Mayo

Children's Day is May 5th--same as Cinco de NO SCHOOL!  We had originally planned to go to a Cinco de Mayo party in Seoul but it was cancelled:(  A while ago, a South Korean ship went down in the Ocean so certain districts cancelled all festivities to honor those killed.

I headed to Seoul with my friend  Caitlin.  We met our new friend, Amanda, at the bus stop.  The nice things about here is that you can just strike up a conversation with a foreigner and become friends pretty easily...which would be a little weird at home.  I think this is more common outside of Seoul...I haven't found the foreigners are quite as friendly...I'm guessing because there just are so many more of's more like at home.

First we went for Mexican Food and it was DELICIOUS...I had really been craving it and as I write this blog, it makes me want to hop on the bus to Seoul just to savor the taste.
Then we went to Dr. Fish...something I had been looking forward to for a long time.  I took some video and I will add that later.  What is Dr. Fish, you ask?  Well...they are located in nice, quaint coffee shops.  You buy your coffee, pay 2,000 won ($1.75 USD) for the fish.  Once you've enjoyed your coffee, they will come and let you know when it's your turn for the fish.  You wash your feet and then stick them in a large container of flesh eating fish.  They eat all the dead skin off your feet.  At first it was scary, but then it was really nice.  It almost felt like my feet were vibrating from all the feet chewing at my skin.  The only part I didn't like was when a big one would come and really suck onto your feet hard...that made me squirmish.

Then, we did some great shopping with our beautiful feet...a great day off!

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